Thursday 20 October 2011

Woodware Challenge - Blue Christmas

 This week's challenge was just perfect for me as I love the colour blue. I'm a blue and silver fan rather than blue and gold. Blue is a cool colour so it goes well with cool silver.
For the two cards featured in this posting I have used elements from my set:
FRCL204 Teardrop Christmas

In the set you have two trees, a bauble, star, sparkle and two greetings.

As a set it's quite a departure for me as it's a solid design and as most of you know I love colouring in! However this stamp lends itself really well to quick cards and what I call instant stamping.

I have use a Kaleidacolor ink pad for the stamping. This particular ink pad is called 'Blue Breeze' and is made up of graded blues from light to dark. If you have never used one before it is carries die based inks and is very cleverly constructed to avoid the colours mixing in storage. The ink is also virtually  waterproof.

I used the fade out technique for the stamping which involves continuous stamping without re-inking the stamp. There is no masking involved. You might need to huff on the stamp before the third print to get the most of the ink left on the block.

Finally to decorate and complete the cards I used Mark Richards silver 3mm Metals and Blue 5mm Nailheads.
Put your metals on the teardrops before you add the Diamond Stickles glitter glue.

The 'Metals' come on a continuous  sticky strip so they are very easy to pick up and place to make a hanging string for the bauble.

For the greetings on both cards I have used one of Jane Gill's set called:
JGCL551 Christmas Verses

If you have enjoyed these cards why not pop along to the Woodware blog to see more ideas and inspiration from my fellow designers.


  1. Stunning card Francoise, i too love blue, and we saw you make this one on Saturday at AMOM, lovely techniques with the Kaleidacolour ink pad as hadn't seen that done before. I am looking forward to using my new ink pad and these stamps too. Thanks again for your inspiration as always.

  2. sorry stunning cards i mean, as we saw both the tree and baubles, thanks for the inspiration

  3. Great card, and easy for me to do with my non working fingers!!! Thank you

  4. Two fabulous cards, I especially love the tree one, looks really great in blue.

    Kath x


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