Tuesday 28 February 2012

In to doodling?

Whilst out at CHA-trade show last month I had the chance to attend a 'Zentangle' workshop. A lovely lady called Joanne Fink took the class.

I had by fluke bought her book just before Christmas - a present for me! so I was extremely pleased to be doing the class [I was on standby but there were a few no shows - we got there at 7.30 am to be first for a cancelation!]. 

We had a really relaxing class and I came away very inspired. I also had the chance to get my book and sketch-book signed.
Since then I have been doodling... not quite tangling as I do not follow specific patterns
I saw an opportunity to put some doodling in my black Peel off's designs. The first sample I am posting uses my 'Mum round'. It is now available to purchase.

I chose not to fill all the spaces but to add some colour. For the doodling I used a Sakura Micron black pen - 01. The colouring is achieved using Sakura Stardust pens from the dark range which I have water coloured.

More samples to follow....


  1. Wow this is stunning Francoise, absolutely delightful. I have just started doodling too and love it. Thanks for the inspiration as always.

  2. Hi Francoise,
    We have just used your mum's and black outline stickers idea at our doodling classes at A Maze of Memories over the weekend. Everyone has really enjoyed the doodling. Your new Thanks and Happy Birthday stamps, your wellie, plus all the Woodware open flower stamps are also great for this technique. I love your pink version! I shall get pictures of ours onto our blog soon.
    Christina x

  3. Such a lovely card Francoise, have had a go using your Peel Offs and doodling in the spaces and am really pleased with the end product. Thanks for the inspiration once again!

  4. Such a lovely card, have tried some doodling using your Peel Offs and am really pleased with the results. Thanks as always for the inspiration to have a go!

  5. Frandoodle is launched to the world!

  6. I love these peel offs and they are excellent for doodling. Great fun

  7. Love these peel offs and great for doodling, Did a class over the weekend using them and have gone home and now i cant stop doodling, Thanks for the ideas


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