Monday 13 June 2011

Master Builder

Thought I would show you what I built on Saturday afternoon![and evening].

I did say this blog would be purely for cards but I was so pleased with the results of my hard labour... that I had to share with fellow pen lovers.

You need two A1 sheets of 5 mm foam board approximately [some spare for any mistakes], good strong PVA, craft knife with a nice sharp blade and a long ruler.

Each cubby hole is about 4" by 4" and 15 cm deep. Don't ask me why I mix inches and cms when I work... it just gives a bigger range of measurements... I think!

I cannot take credit for the idea as I saw and spoke to Alexandra Kamann at The Glitter Pot and she had built one. So I had to give it a go. I was fed up with the plastic boxes. In the USA you can get units similar to this... well I didn't want to pay the money to ship + taxes either... so here you are. Please don't count the pens!! Watch out for a ribbon reel holder....


  1. What a brilliant idea to use foam board. I was tempted to count those pens........... xx

  2. Fab Francoise !! Can`t wait to see the ribbon reel holder !!

    hugs Diane xx

  3. Hi Francoise, it was nice to see you again at the Craftbarn last week, you were so busy, didn't get a look in to have a chat. Your cards were beautiful as usual. How clever of you to make your own colic unit. where do you buy Foam Board from, I would like to have a go too. Big hugs Jo.xxxx

  4. lovely unit for your pen storage, like Christina i was tempted to count the pens, Jan

  5. Il est super ton présentoir ! Si je trouve du Foam board je m'en fait un ! Je vais en trouver mais pas forcément dans une grande taille comme ça. Bisous de France !


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