Tuesday 28 June 2011

Woodware Design team Challenge - Birthday Wishes

Apologies for a lack of posts over the last few days but I have been really busy cleaning up the single Woodware Christmas images.

For the 'Birthday Wishes' challenge I though I would showcase the rather large cupcake punch that I have designed  for Woodware.

Below is a picture of the punch and the bits it punches out. As well as the punch I've used my favourite greetings set: FRCL154 Salutations and another punch in the shape of a large tag.

 To make up the cupcake I've used two tops punched from pale yellow and pink card. The casing is punched from craft card. All the bits are sponged. 

I've used the clear Sakura Gelly Roll Glaze pen to highlight the cherry, heart, candles and little sprinkles.

For the candles you need a yellow candle and white candle. Use the yellow one as a base. Chop off the flame from the white candle and stick directly over the yellow candle. Add some detail with a white pen and yellow Glaze pen.

 This the super large Cupcake punch. I like the fact it punches out individual pieces and that when it's made up your cupcake is big enough to be the centre piece of the card.

The code for the punch is Cupcake 840-11

These are the individual pieces punched out of brown card. You do not have to punch every item from the same card each time. You can slide a 5 cm strip across the bottom to punch out just the casing.
It's also easy to punch out different tops individually.
Finally this is my collection of dots that I punched out to decorated the cupcake. You can see a collection of tops and cases ready to go.

Pop back tomorrow to see a selection of cupcakes fresh from my crafting oven!

I think the cupcake looks yummy enough to eat!


  1. Absolutely love these cards, as you mention they look good enough to eat!
    Cupcakes are one of my favourites to use when crafting, love also your stash of sprinkles!!!!!!!

  2. A fun card Francoise. Just goes to show what you can do with a punch !!

    hugs Diane xx

  3. They do look yummy enough to eat and what a fantastic idea Francoise, I'm sure the punch will be a sell out and I love your card! Chris :) x

  4. lovely cards and lovely fun designs, thanks for inspiration as always, Jan


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