Thursday, 12 January 2012

woodware Design Team Challenge - Handbags at Dawn

No stamping this time! Instead I have used some Woodware Handbags - JL726 'Chippies' which I have covered with paper and sponged at the edges with red ink. The sheets on which the handbags come also have lots of small extra elements that you can use for decoration. I have also used some Mark Richards gold 'Metals' and 3mm red 'Nailheads for a little bit of bling!

I have used two handbags of the same shape and size and joined them together at the base with a folded piece of background paper. Fold the paper so you have a valley, peak and another valley. From the side it looks like a W. This helps the whole structure to stand as with a single fold it wouldn't... It also means you can put a gift inside like a chocolate bar.

So all us ladies need is a posh handbag and chocolate! [lol]

Pop along to the Woodware Blog to see other variations on this challenge


  1. Very inventive, but I can't believe you have resisted adding in a bit of stamping and colouring! I like the folded W idea so that shaped cards can stand.
    (Christina A Maze of Memories)

  2. Lovely idea! So cute with the bag AND chocolate!!!


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